Red HEART Rose Bear

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🌹 2019 Gift of the Year  🌹

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Your unique, handmade Rose Teddy Bear is made of natural looking artificial roses. This Rose Bear is 14 inches tall and includes a premium quality window display case. Choose from 6 colors - red, pink, lavender, ivory or gray and now blue. Give the person you love a gift made of roses that will last forever! A gorgeous decorative teddy bear made of soft synthetic roses in a romantic color.

Made rose by rose with soft, faux rose petals. 

  • Comes with a window display box.
  • Pleasant and soft to the touch.
  • Lasts a lifetime without any care.
  • Includes Free Shipping within USA.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • How Long Do The Flowers Last? Forever. The flowers are made of foam and will not fade or lose their form.
  • How is the Rose Bear Made? Using a styrofoam mold of a bear, each Foam Colored Rose is handmade for a beautiful seamless & even look. 
  • How Big is the Bear? We have two sizes for you to choose from: 25 cm(10") and 40 cm (15").